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Art Of The Heist

Art Of The Heist
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A dramatic and exciting series re-enacting the most daring and notorious art thefts of recent history 

"Art thefts in movies such as The Thomas Crown Affair might look like Hollywood exaggerations, but as this illuminating new series shows, the real- life crimes can be just as elaborate." - The Observer. 

Art Of The Heist uses detailed and dramatic reconstructions to give a crook's-eye view of the planning and execution of some of the world's most daring thefts. Each episode emphasizes a headline-making art heist, examining how masterpieces by Munch, Cezanne, Vermeer, Renoir and Rembrandt were snatched from the world's most prestigious and well-protected museums. 

Accounting for over $6 billion in annual losses, art theft is one of the world's largest and most intriguing criminal enterprises. Art Of The Heist investigates the most high profile art thefts in recent history and fits together the pieces of the crime jigsaw to explain how the masterpieces were stolen and eventually recovered. 

Containing intimate interviews with the museum curators, guards, thieves and detectives involved, Art Of The Heist takes us on intriguing and dramatic journeys that even Hollywood couldn't match. 

This DVD box set contains all 14 episodes from series 1 & 2 of Art Of The Heist. 

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Format 4-DVD | Region 0 | PAL
Language & Duration English | 840 Minutes
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