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Alwyn Crawshaw's Watercolour Studio

Alwyn Crawshaw's Watercolour Studio
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Eight self contained lessons which follow on naturally from the highly popular 'A Brush With Art' using several different watercolour mediums. In each programme, Alwyn finds a subject to paint on location and then, back in his studio, demonstrates some more advanced techniques while completing a picture of the scene visited at the beginning of each programme. 

1: Painting The Seasons
Using the same sketch done on location, Alwyn demonstrates how to paint Autumn and shows how both Winter and Spring can be achieved from the one sketch. 

2: Small Sketches
Small objects can be just as enjoyable to sketch as larger subjects and can bring back memories of a place just as well as a complete picture. 

3: Using Photographs
Sometimes it's not practical to paint a scene on location, but a photograph can provide you with inspiration. Here, Alwyn paints a cruise ship and crowded dock, using a photograph taken on holiday. 

4: Painting Skies
Skies offer endless possibilities for painters to try different techniques and colours - dark, stormy skies; bright, sunny skies; cloudy skies and skies at dawn - here he demonstrates a variety of skies. 

5: Painting From Imagination
Sitting in his studio on a bright summer's day, Alwyn demonstrates how to paint a snowy winter scene. 

6: Creating Atmosphere
Using the same sketch of a beach, Alwyn paints different versions of the scene to demostrate how using different colours and techniques it is possible to create totally different atmospheres. 

7: In The Garden
Gardens and flowers are a favourite subject for painters and Alwyn creates a picture using gouache, an opaque water-based paint that his has not used in his programmes before. 

8: Painting Landscapes
In this chapter, Alwyn introduces another new medium, acrylic paint, and creates an autumnal landscape to demonstrate the medium's unique qualities.

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Format 2-DVD | Region 0 | NTSC
Language & Duration English | 200 Minutes
Classification Exempt
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