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Extreme Weather Experience

Extreme Weather Experience
Product Code: BDV030
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Experience the world's worst weather up close on DVD. Incredible footage from the Severe Weather film library. 

Join the storm chasers and watch unbelievable lightning displays and the destructive damage of tornadoes and hurricanes right up close in surround sound. Nature's power will astound you as you experience the sound and fury of massive downbursts of rain, the crashing of huge hailstorms, lashing snowstorms and blizzards and the awesome power of Atlantic gales. 

Plus fascinating and informative information about how and why tornados, hurricanes, thunder, lightning and other extreme weather conditions are created is included in this great release. 

This fantastic DVD lets you experience the extreme weather first hand without the danger - it's almost as exhilarating as being there yourself. 

Product Info
Format DVD | Region 0 | PAL
Language & Duration English | 70 Minutes
Classification Exempt