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The Complete Cosmos: Discovery

The Complete Cosmos: Discovery
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  • SPACE FRONTIER - Human space exploration, from Yuri Gagarin's first orbit of space to the race for the Moon and the Apollo landings
  • HIGH LIFE - Living and working in space, triumphs, tragedies and everyday practicalities on the Russian space-station Mir and America's Space Shuttle
  • WHERE NEXT? - The possibility of a spaceport in Earth-orbit, the colonisation of the Moon and Mars, the taming of Venus, plus an elevator into space!


  • BREAKTHROUGH! - From the ancient sky-watchers of Babylon to space-age cosmology, the story of astronomy featuring Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton and Hubble
  • EARTH PATROL - Launched into Earth-orbit, these are the satellites that monitor the health of our planet. Looking at the ozone, the melting ice-caps, weather, deforestation and navigation
  • ROBOTS - A look at our scouts in the Solar System. Probes that trail-blaze on Mars, plunge into Jupiter and land on Saturn's moon Titan


  • HUBBLE'S EYE - After astronauts fix its faulty optics, the Hubble Space Telescope peers back through time to the depths of the cosmos
  • LIGHT FANTASTIC - Visible light reveals only part of the Universe. We look at how other wavelengths fill out the picture, from gamma-rays to radio
  • MILKY WAY - Our galaxy explored and light years explained. Looking at the life and death of stars, supernovae and the clouds where stars are born


  • INFINITY - Looking at the structure of the Universe, galaxies, clusters, strands and how we measure to a nearby galaxy and to the farthest quasar
  • BIG BANG, BIG CRUNCH - The theory of the Big Bang explained and how from that cataclysmic explosion the Universe continues to expand, but will it stop and reverse?
  • BLACK HOLES, DARK MATTER - Although invisible, black holes betray their presence, which is the same with dark matter: the missing 90% of the Universe
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Format DVD | Region 0 | NTSC
Language & Duration English | 125 Minutes
Classification Exempt
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