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Seven Centuries of the English Windmill

Seven Centuries of the English Windmill
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Narrated by Janet Suzman

Although their technology was perfected over hundreds of years, in this century windmills have quickly fallen into disrepair as the science of harnessing the wind has become largely redundant. But wind power is gathering new interest and the English windmills that have survived are on the mend. In this documentary David Bent, windmill owner and restorer, describes the innovations that helped to develop these once common mills and the people who earned their living by the turning of the sails.

The earliest know windmill in England was built at Wigston Parva, Leicestershire over seven centuries ago and since that time the English windmill has undergone a number of radical transformations. From the wooden post mill and the timber smock mill to the stone tower mill, this programme shows windmills scattered over the hills of the Midlands, East Anglia and Southern England.

Narrator Janet Suzman evokes the working lives of millers past and present, tracing the dignified and often dangerous story of wind power over the seven centuries of the English windmill.

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Language & Duration English | 50 Minutes
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