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Vikings: Warriors From The Sea

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The legend of the Vikings is brought to life in a dramatic and gripping programme set in the tenth century and based around the island of Karmoy off the western coast of Norway - home of the first Kings.

"Vikings" tells the story of a great feast that is being held by a local chieftain to honour the arrival of a guest at his house - a merchant who has brought goods from afar. The parts of Thorir, Karl and Ragnilde are recreated by members of the Karmoy Viking Club.

Marit Vea, as Gyda the Scald or "saga teller", is an expert in Old Norse literature and Director of the Alaldsnes Project.

Authentic recreations filmed in Norway and on their Isle of Man fortress include Viking ships under sail in the Irish Sea. With 3D graphics of ship design and the Viking fire festival at York, "Warriors from the Sea" shows as never before the reality behind the myths of the Norse warriors, whose ferocity and power terrified the civilised world for centuries.