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Grow With Joe: The Complete Garden Skills

Grow With Joe: The Complete Garden Skills
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'Your Guide to Planning And Maintaining Your Garden'. 

A horticulturalist, writer and regular BBC Radio Leeds presenter, Joe Maiden has appeared on numerous gardening programmes for the BBC and Yorkshire Television and was awarded the Harlow Carr medal by The Royal Horticultural Society for his first class growing, lecturing and exhibitions of vegetables. 

He is a real 'dirt under the fingertips' gardener, famed for his no-nonsense non-technical approach and his inexhaustible fund of tips and techniques delivered in a clear understanding manner. In this DVD, Joe who is a judge for the National Vegetable Society, shows you all the garden skills you'll ever need. 

This DVD covers:

  • DEALING WITH DIFFERENT GARDEN ENVIRONMENTS: Dry conditions; shallow soil near a wall; a dry slope with shallow soil; a dry acid bank; a very wet area; a cool, damp, shaded area.
  • HEDGES, HEDGING PLANTS AND FENCES: Security - hedges and fences to keep out intruders; using blackberries to cover a barrier or fence quickly; creating a fast growing, dense barrier for privacy; Berberis and Holly hedges for an impenetrable barrier; care and maintenance of a pivet hedge.
  • TREES: Choosing the right tree for a small garden; planting trees and using tree stakes; the right depth for planting.
  • PLANTS AND PLANTING: Sewing seeds; pricking out; planting summer bedding plants; selection and taking cuttings and getting them rooted; taking Fuchsia cuttings; propagation techniques; making home made propagation cases.
  • GARDEN DESIGN AND PLANNING: The elements of good garden design; shape of the lawns and beds; creating a pond feature; use of arches; creating height with raised beds and planters; use of shrubs and heathers; walls and paved areas.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE GARDENING: Using mulches; planting through a membrane; weeding with a hoe; spraying for weed control.
  • LAWNS AND LAWN CARE: Turf or seed for a new lawn?; Ground preparation; treading; laying turf; working off a plank; sewing grass seed; repairing a worn lawn; spiking; top dressing.
Product Info
Format DVD | Region 0 | NTSC
Language & Duration English | 120 Minutes
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