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Grow With Joe: The Complete Kitchen Garden

Grow With Joe: The Complete Kitchen Garden
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'Your Complete Guide to Growing Organic Fruit and Vegetables'. 

A horticulturalist, writer and regular BBC Radio Leeds presenter, Joe Maiden has appeared on numerous gardening programmes for the BBC and Yorkshire Television and was awarded the Harlow Carr medal by The Royal Horticultural Society for his first class growing, lecturing and exhibitions of vegetables. 

He is a real 'dirt under the fingertips' gardener, famed for his no-nonsense non-technical approach and his inexhaustible fund of tips and techniques delivered in a clear understanding manner. In this DVD, Joe who is a judge for the National Vegetable Society, shows you all you'll ever need to know about the kitchen garden. 

This DVD covers:

  • Potatoes: Ground preparation; preparing stock for planting; planting; growing in compost; lifting.
  • Runner Beans: Building a good support system; ground preparation.
  • Courgettes: Pollination.
  • Cauliflower: Sewing and planting; soil condition; the string method of protecting cauliflowers.
  • Growing Methods: The traditional way of growing in rows; growing in a small raised bed; growing on the patio.
  • Autumn Ground Preparation.
  • Essential Tools and Equipment.
  • Fertilisers: Do we use them or don't we; the essential plant elements - Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash.
  • Dealing with Pests and Diseases: Controlling bigger pests like rabbits and moles; club root; mildew; slugs.
  • Tomatoes: The traditional method of growing and supporting tomatoes; traditional training methods on single cordon stem; growing on a double stem on a single root; growing in a hanging basket; different ways of using grow bags; growing early tomatoes; keeping tomatoes over a longer period.
  • Growing Salad in a Mini-Veg Bed.
  • The Herb Garden: Building a raised bed near the kitchen door; the right soil; parsley; chives; dill; garlic; tarragon; horse radish; camomile.
  • Using Cloches For Winter Growing.
  • Fruit: Building a fruit cage; rhubarb; growing apples in a confined space on the cordon system; summer pruning; training branches; growing pears on the espalier system; pruning back surplus growth; raspberries - taking out the old canes; blackcurrants; victoria plums - tying branches in; strawberries - the importance of clean, healthy stock; three year system for growing strawberries; propagation methods for strawberries; planting a fruit bush.
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Format DVD | Region 0 | NTSC
Language & Duration English | 120 Minutes
Classification Exempt
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