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Painting & Finishing Military Figures

Painting & Finishing Military Figures
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Rob Hendon, internationally respected modeller, shows how to choose, assemble and paint military figures. 

In super close-up detail we learn the skills necessary to achieve the completely realistic results that led to the creation of his Gold Medal winning SS Fallschirmjager figure. 

This programme takes us from research, kit choice and tools required through cleaning of castings, filling and finishing assembly, to priming, brush and airbrush painting and eventually to appropriate base-work. 

He looks in detail at texturing, painting fleshtones, facial features, clothing, weapons and equipment, wood grain, leather, dry brushing, metals and much much more. 

DVD Extras:

  • Profile of Rob Hendon
  • Model Panorama
  • Correcting common mistakes
  • List of products used or recommended
  • Reference and sources
Product Info
Format DVD | Region 0 | NTSC
Language & Duration English | 85 Minutes
Classification Exempt
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