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Converting & Painting Model Horses. 

For thousands of years whenever man has gone to war the horse has been there with him. From the fearsome horseback raiders of the ancient world through the chariot warfare, fighting knights and cavalry to the slaughter of gun horses in WWI and the transport of ammunition and equipment in WWII, the horse has played a major role in human conflict. And yet the horse is under-represented in military modeling because of the difficulty of creating truly realistic effects. 

Concentrating only on the horse itself, in 'Warhorses' Max Longhurst dispels the mystery of converting and painting horses and demonstrates many of the techniques that have made him a renowned award-winning modeler. He shows in detail his conversion techniques, different horse colors and poses, choice of paint colors, undercoating and shading, sponge painting, dappling and final painting and detailing. 

DVD Extras:

  • Profile of Max Longhurst
  • Model panorama
  • Correcting common mistakes
  • List of products used or recommended
  • Sources & references
Product Info
Format DVD | Region 0 | NTSC
Language & Duration English | 95 Minutes
Classification Exempt
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