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Product Code: BDV208
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Take a thrilling ride in the cockpit with the pilots of eight different aircraft ranging from the legendary Spitfire; to a commercial airline; to the spectacular modern jet-fighter, the SU-37. 

Features pilot point-of-view; take off and landing; Heads-Up-Display; dramatic air-to-air footage; pilot commentary; close-ups of the instrument panel; communications with Air Traffic Control; and a practice bombing mission with the RAF. 

This in-cockpit experience includes: the team leader of the Irish Air Corps' Silver Swallows talking us through their display in Fouga CM170 Magister jet trainers; Ray Hanna flying his famous Spitfire; a flight in a Panavia Tornado of the German Navy; travelling in the flight deck of a Boeing 757 which later crashed in a tragic mid-air collison; join Red 1 of the Red Arrows as he directs the team through their stunning precision display over Malaysia; fly with a Russian test pilot as he performs the incredible Super Cobra in an SU-37; join the Patruila Aguila Spanish Air Force display team as they fly and land in close formation in their CASA C-101EB AViojets; and see what the pilot sees in a Harrer GR7 flying a low-level sortie from the south coast of England to Scotland. 

Product Info
Format DVD | Region 0 | NTSC
Language & Duration English | 75 Minutes
Classification Exempt