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Strike Force: The Story of Sukhoi

Strike Force: The Story of Sukhoi
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The Sukhoi story tells the complete history of one of the world's most famous designers and manufacturers of strike aircraft. 

A maverick and genius, Sukhoi founded his Design Bureau in 1983. Through the war years, Sukhoi produced the BB-I short range bomber, four SU fighters and the ER-2 long-range passenger plane ordered by Stalin specifically for his own use. 

1944 began an era of Sukhoi jet fighters - the SU-5, the SU-7 with its completely Soviet designed jet engine, the SU-9 and the SU-10, but to fall from favour in Soviet Russia was not difficult. Sukhoi was no exception and the Burea was closed down in 1949. In 1953 Stalin ordered its reinstatement, specifically to design a plane that would counter the American F-86 'Sabre'. Of the resulting fighters, the SU-15 remained in service for more than 30 years and was the aircraft responsible for shooting down the KAL 747 in 1983. 

With vintage footage that has never been seen in the West, the programme examines closely the development and capabilities of the later Sukhoi aircraft including the SU-24 Fencer, the SU-25 Frogfoot and the SU-27 Flanker. 

It concludes with an extraordinary aerial ballet performed by two SU-27s filmed by a third plane. The Cobra's turns and twists make this one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring film sequences ever seen. 

Special DVD Feature:
SU-37 from the Russian Air Defence Force demonstrates the Super Cobra, plus the Ukrainian Air Force demonstrates the SU-27. 

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Format DVD | Region 0 | NTSC
Language & Duration English | 82 Minutes
Classification Exempt
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