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Il Poverello: The Story Of St Francis of Assisi

Il Poverello: The Story Of St Francis of Assisi
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The astonishing life of a man who changed the world. Sometimes dismissed in legend as the mad monk who spoke to the birds, Francis' appeal is as strong as ever. 

The most tender and non-violent of men, to many Francis is perhaps the only genuine successor to Jesus Christ that Christianity has so far produced. But there was much more to him than mere pastoral simpicity: he was an unusual and attractive micture of paragon and show-off, warrior and peace-maker, non-conformist and staunch son of the Church. 

The Order he founded is a great world institution, blessed by the Vatican, with followers working among alcoholics and drug addicts, teaching in schools and universities and providing for the poor and the homeless. 

Yet Franciscans were on the verge of becoming a heretical sect, popular enough to have upset and conceivably overthrown the established Catholic Church of his day. 

It is an amazing story: how a 12th century friar from a relatively unknown part of Europe, who during his life-time liked to be know as 'Il Poverello' - the little poor man - has reached international and historic prominence 800 years later. 

This classic programme was filmed in 1982 on location in the ancient settings of Assisi, Rome and Canterbury and tells the story of St. Francis, his life and his work and includes dramatic scenes from the colourful Calendimaggio Festival in Assisi. 

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Language & Duration English | 52 Minutes
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