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The Chi Kung Way To Health And Vitality

The Chi Kung Way To Health And Vitality
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Tai Chi Chi Kung is easy to learn and effective as an aid to stress reduction and relaxation. 

Accessible to all ages and physical conditions Chi Kung exercises are simple and natural. For over 200 years the Chinese have studied the internal energy system and have created exercises to ensure that the flow of energy through the body and internal organs is kept at its optimum level. 

When the energy flow is regular the body will remain healthy. However, if there are blockages in this energy flow, problems can result. 

In a short time Chi Kung will help you feel more alive and re-vitalised whatever your fitness levels and goals. 

Ronnie Robinson has spent over twenty years studying the Chinese Internal Arts. He edits Tai Chi Chuan magazine, is a regular Instructor at European Tai Chi events and Secretary of Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. 

"Having taught this system for many years I am greatly encouraged by the successes reported by many of my students. Working in Health Centres, Offices and Universities together with classes for mature students has allowed me to experience the remarkable effect of these simple exercises." - Ronnie Robinson.

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Format DVD | Region 0 | PAL
Language & Duration English | 105 Minutes
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