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The Falkland Islands: A Natural Kingdom

The Falkland Islands: A Natural Kingdom
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Let this stunning film take you on a journey of discovery across the Falkland Islands. Using the very latest camera technology,
this DVD makes compelling viewing as it sheds a new light on these amazing islands that overflow with the wonders of the natural world. 

Join thousands of black-browed Albatross as they share with trawlers the riches of the swirling South Atlantic and then glide effortlessly to return to feed their chicks.

Tumble ashore with the waves of charismatic Rockhopper Penguins and see them bathe and shower on their incredible journey up the steep cliffs.

Often called the 'Penguin Islands', here it is easy to see why. Comical Magellanic Penguins appear amused by the tourists and the magnificent King penguins and endearing Gentoos leave a lasting impression. 

Elephant Seals are without a doubt the beach heavyweights of these islands, but even they are no match for the drama played out by the Killer Whales.

Stanley, the capital, gives us an insight into the present day lives of the inhabitants, whilst travelling through 'Camp' provides a glimpse into the past and present rural life of these resiliant islanders. 

Over 25 years since the 1982 Falklands Conflict, it is time to reflect, to honour the past and celebrate the present.

Filmed by International Wildlife cameraman, Philip Lovel, (who has spent over 25 years filming amazing wildlife scenes around the globe for the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery), this film provides an enchanting and captivating insight into the natural Kingdom that is The Falkland Islands. 

"This lovely film brings back many happy memories of my time in the Falkland Islands, where I was captivated by the magnificent scenery, spectacular wildlife, and the great southern ocean. For those whose knowledge of the Falklands is limited to the stark images of the 1982 conflict, Philip Lovel's film shows these islands as they really are - a haven of peace, beauty and solitude."

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Format DVD | Region 0 | PAL
Language & Duration English | 31 Minutes
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