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Skiing Skills 3: Mastering Moguls

Skiing Skills 3: Mastering Moguls
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Bumps, moguls, 'damn lumps in the middle of the piste' call them what you like, you can't avoid them if you want to ski the whole mountain. 

But why do so many skiers eye them with a pathological dread? Because bumps find them out, that's why. Bump skiing is hard work. There's little room for error and all the elements of your game are tested - not least your fitness. However, the undiluted buzz of threading a clean, controlled line through the moguls is immense. The question is how do you ski them? And more pertinently, how do you get to that heady standard with only the odd week to practice? There's no magic solution, but Mastering Moguls, the third instalment from the Skiing Skills collection, is the next best thing. 

Presenter Peter Hart, along with BASI's training manager Sean Langmuir, provide a clear step by step program that makes skiing moguls look both approachable and achievable. They cover the techniques, the tactics (where do you turn on them?) and tackle the psychological issues. 

The DVD also contains a host of extras including advice from the Ski Club of Great Britain on how to choose your ideal resort, plus a section on specialist fitness training. Mastering Moguls is informative, entertaining, humorous, spectacular and will make you want to get out there and ski every mogul in sight.

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Format DVD | Region 0 | PAL
Language & Duration English | 85 Minutes
Classification Exempt
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