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Visions of War: The Algerian War

Visions of War: The Algerian War
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The Algerian War, a truly objective history of the momentous struggle for independance from France by the Algerian people between 1954 and 1962. 

Unique historic footage has been gathered from both sides, much of it never before seen. The cameras were free to roam in both countries and many of the interviewees speak frankly for the first time of their role in the struggle. 

This was an eight year conflict that caused the fall of sis French Prime Ministers and the collapse of the 4th Republic. It returned Gaulle to power, but also almost saw his demise and twice brough civil strife to mainland France. Certainly brutal and horrifyingly nasty, it resulted in the deaths of at least a million Moslem Algerians and the ejection from their homes of an equal number of European settlers. Pitiless terror, monstrous cruelty, flagrant torture, indiscriminiate violence was countenanced by both sides. But it was also a heroic and tragic affair; the last and most significant of the old style colonial wars. 

The prize was a country 10 times the size of Britain, 300 miles wide and stretching 1300 miles from the blue Mediterranean to the harsh desert, forbidding in many ways, but rich in oil, gas and people. 

"...vividly illustrated and skilfully crafted." - The Daily Mail 

"...authoritative ...indispensable for any real understanding of the recent past." - The Times 

"...accurate and informative." - The Daily Telegraph 

"...powerful..." - The Guardian 

"...compelling..." - Time Out 

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Format 2-DVD | Region 0 | NTSC
Language & Duration English | 260 Minutes
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