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Visions of War: The Falklands War

Visions of War: The Falklands War
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When Argentina pursued its long held territorial claims to the Falklands and South Georgia, it totally underestimated the strength
of the British reaction.

From the re-taking of South Georgia to "The Long Walk" culminating in the decisive battle for Port Stanley; the destruction caused by the Argentinian Skyhawk fighters with their Exocets in "Bomb Alley", to the British Harriers regaining air supremacy with their deadly Sidewinder missiles; the bombing of Port Stanley airstrip to the sinking of the General Belgrano; this was a war in which one nuclear powered submarine held an entire navy at bay.

Seamlessly documented on land and sea by frontline ITN footage the programme captures the crucial points of this forty-one day war and the bloody battle over this remote island.


FALKLANDS WAR Chapters include:

Argentina Invades; Britain Mobilizes; Operation Paraquet; Air-Sea Battles; Breakout; Taking Port Stanley.



Wreaking havoc behind enemy lines.. counter terrorism.. political assassination.. destabilising governments.. hostage rescues - these are the domain of the world's special forces. Highly trained strike teams capable of operating in the harshest climates, these small elite insertion units eagerly go where regular forces cannot, conducting high risk operations of strategic importance to their governments.

ITN's footage tells the history of the SAS from its beginnings in World War II through the breathtaking storming of the Iranian Embassy and more recently its exploits in Kuwait. The film reveals the special activities of the Special Boat Service, The Soviet Spetnaz, "Mad Mike" Hoar's mercenaries operating in the World's hot spots, America's tenth parachute Division and the Delta Force's failure to rescue the hostages in Iran.


SPECIAL FORCES Chapters include:

British S.A.S.; British S.B.S.; American A-Teams; Soldiers of Fortune; Soviet Spetznaz; Parachute Battalion.


Produced by ITN

Featuring unique frontline footage from the ITN Archive.

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Format DVD | Region 0 | NTSC
Language & Duration English | 74 Minutes
Classification Exempt